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Applying for an RDP house

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Applying for a RDP House

In a bid to address housing challenges, a decision was taken that the Housing Waiting List was to be re-engineered into the Housing Demand Database for Gauteng province. Housing Demand Database is a new system of managing and planning for the demand of housing in Gauteng province.​​​​

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​Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Form C and is it still in use?

It is a receipt that was used as proof that you are registered on the previous waiting list it has now been replaced with new Demand Database receipt that is computer generated.

Question: ​
What is the demand database?

It is a system that is initiated by the Gauteng Department of Housing which is intended to be a single source of housing demand and allocation.

Where is the Customer Support Centre and how do I contact them?

It is situated at the Gauteng Department of Local Government & Housing, 37 Sauer Street & Corner Market Street, Bank of Lisbon Building , Johannesburg, 2001.

Our operating hours are from: 08h00 – 16h30 Monday to Thursday and Friday at 07h30 – 15h30. 

We can also be Contacted on the Toll Free Number: 08000 468 73 – Monday to Friday at 07H00 – 17h00. To check your status and send enquiries here…

Question: ​
Can I go to the Customer Support Centre in Sauer Street to update?

Yes, However Customer Support Centre in Sauer Street will only cater for people within the City of Johannesburg. For other regions, applicants are to visit the nearest Customer Support Centre in their regions to register or update. 

Can I update the information without my spouse?

NO, both signatures are required; therefore you need to bring your spouse along when updating information. 

I applied in 1996 does it mean I`m starting afresh? 

No, you are not starting afresh we are updating on what is on the system 

How long must I still wait after updating?

Shortage of land (Gauteng is 17000 sq metres in size, about 1.4 % of the total surface of the whole of south Africa making it the smallest province in south Africa with a growing population of 8.9 million), limited financial resources . National budget for housing is allocated proportionally, meaning that Gauteng continues to have a shortfall of available financial resources to meet its needs. Gauteng also has a very high proportion of dolomite land, which is unsuitable for residential housing.

Where are these regional offices located? 

Addresses of the Regional Customer Support Centre Click here to view 

 What is the role of the department on municipalities? 

To support and monitor municipalities in Gauteng in making sure that they provide quality services effectively and efficiently to the communities. 

Who are the community development workers? 

They are newly appointed public servants based in wards to assist communities in accessing government information and also facilitating service delivery between government and the communities. Read More about Community Development Workers 

How many municipalities are there in gauteng? 

Answer: ​
14 Municipalities, constituting of 3 Metros, 3 Districts and 9 Locals. 

  • City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
  • Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
  • City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality

West Rand District Municipality with 4 Locals; 

  • Westonaria Municipality
  • Randfontein Local Municipality
  • Mogale City Local Municipality

Sedibeng District Municipality with 3 Locals; 

  • Emfuleni Local unicipality
  • Lesedi Local Municipality
  • Midvaal Local Municipality

Metsweding District Municipality with 2 Locals 

  • Kungwini Local unicipality
  • Nokeng Tsa Taemane Local Municipal

Where are the department’s offices? 

Bank of Lisbon,
37 Sauer and Market Street,
Marshalltown, 2107 ​

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