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Extrabold: Investment Analyst Internship

Looks li Recent graduates with a Bachelor and/or Honours in Accounting Science, Commerce and Economic Science are invited to apply for the position. INTERNSHIP- INVESTMENT ANALYST Job summary – He or she will be assisting with research into investment funds and vehicles in Africa and assist with a benchmarking exercise in respect of hotel funds globally […]


As with everything in economics, there are several competing definitions for the term interest rates. Interest rates can be explained as: The amount charged, expressed as a percentage of the total or outstanding loan amount (principal), by the lender to the borrower for the use of assets. Assets borrowed can include cash, consumer goods or […]

How and when to start saving money ?

HOW TO SAVE YOUR MONEY Saving involves saving money for a specific period, with a goal in mind. We all understand that sacrifices need to be made, and that you need to start saving from an early age. But what exactly does it entail? It is imperative to realise that saving does not just involve […]

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