All workers will be required to work at schools.


A minimum of Grade 8/Std6.

Good communication skills.

Acceptance of responsibility and be able to identify learner needs and strengths.

Acceptance of responsibility. Promote welfare of learners and motivate learners to build self-esteem.

Create opportunities for learners to participate in activities.

Ability to learn.

Willingness to work with learners.

An understanding of Public Service principles.

Appropriate experience will be an added advantage.

DUTIES : Has a responsibility to clean hostels, classrooms, grounds school facilities and ablution facilities blocks. Ensure that all facilities i.e. Buildings, grounds, gardens are well maintained and kept neat and tidy. In the garden dig, fertilize soil, plant seeds or transplant seedlings by hand, cultivate, spray, harvest fruits and vegetables. Responsible for the removal of refuse for both hostel and school premises. General domestic duties, like fixing of broken windows, taps, gutters, doors, lights etc. Request, purchase and control of cleaning material. Undertake inspections daily based on the neatness of buildings and premises. Report any damages to property. Promote and uphold the rights of children. Have patience and willingness to support learners unconditionally.

NOTE : Applications must be submitted on a Z83 Form, obtainable from any Public Service department or on the internet at Z83 which must be fully completed and signed (an unsigned Z83 form will disqualify an application) and should be accompanied by a recently updated, comprehensive CV as well as originally SAPS certified copies of all qualification(s) [Matric certificate must also be attached] and ID-document and Driver’s license [where applicable]. Non-RSA Citizens/Permanent Resident Permit Holders must attach a copy of his/her Permanent Residence Permit to his/her application. Should you be in possession of a foreign qualification, it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Failure to submit all the requested documents will result in the application not being considered.

You can also apply Online