• Write a cover letter – as professional as you can.
  • Write a CV
  • Attach your academic record including your ID.
  • Follow the guidelines given for bursary/internship on how to submit your application and PLEASE make sure the post has not expired as you do not want to apply for something that closed two weeks before. You must always make a good impression!
  • Apply as early as you possible can. Waiting until the last day of submission is not a good thing as you’re likely to make mistakes – again, you want to make a good impression
  • After submission, contact the employer/company and ask them if they’ve received your application.
  • Be professional. ALL THE TIME.
  • Lastly, check your email and have your phone on all the time in case they try to contact you.

Now, here are documents for easy access…

file_downloadDownload Templates

Disclaimer: the above documents may not be what you think a CV should look like or consist of.